Who’s walking you down the isle?

Tradition is the Father if the Bride walks her down the isle to give the Bride away to her husband. But what if you Dad isn’t around anymore or you were raised by both your dad and step dad. They they both walk you down the isle.

We have seen many things happen at Binders Gardens Venue. We have seen Mother and Father of the Bride give her away and walk her down the isle. We have seen the Brother of the Bride walk her down. In older couples getting married we have seen just the Bride walk herself down the isle.

Just remember you don’t have to do the same traditions as our grandparents; this is your event and your dream come true. You can pick anyone or no-one to walk you down the isle.



Binders Gardens has so many photography opportunities for Brides they have to make sure they set shooting time at least an hour to walk around and get all the favorite spots; has now added new additions.

Last year at this time we finished the Open Barn Roof, since then we added a frontage wall to block parking lot view.  Then we put up the wall to block the Grooms Studio.  

Instead of adding the Barn Doors, we replaced the French drains around the open Barn and added a Dry Rock River Bed that travels like a snake all the way past the Lake Side Wedding Location to the Lake.

We will put in a small Rustic Bridge to go over the Dry Rock RiverBed to get to other locations behind the Grooms Studio.

Also we will add one more Garden to our collections.

We did wait til we had a few weekend that didn’t have Wedding to do this construction and of course wanted to make sure it was 90 degrees everyday.  LoL 

Ya’ll come see us now.

Best tips to get Engagement Photos

Once you find a photographer and a budget you can agree on, you need to meet with them to discuss a few things to make it a memorable day.

Plan on attire with solid colors.  To make the images fun and different poses you both want taken.

Plan on your location and sometimes the location is meaningful with you both.  Like the first place you kisses.  Try to tell a story to capture your live for each other and your hobbies.

Making your engagement photos fun is easy.  Many find ideas on Pinterest to see what is the trend with everyone else.

 One of the most important things with engagement images is the time of day.  Know when the lighting is good, morning or afternoon.  Knowing will give you some amazing images to treasure.