It would shock you on how many things in a wedding is paperless; from Invitations to Photos to gifts.

Paperless Weddings Invitations are fast growing. With everyone cutting cost for budgets of weddings, we are fast seeing invitation mail-out being cut first. Since many of us now only check out mail box weekly it monthly just to throw away the junk mail, we are fast seeing a new trend of fancy electronic invites.

RSVPs are sent electronically, Wedding Announcements are done in Private Facebook Weeding groups. Presents are event done electronically thru Honeymoon accounts or electronic Registry sites.

Save the date photos are posted electronically and engagement photos are hardly ever printed anymore. But Wedding Photos are shared and not printed thou it’s highly suggested to get prints or make a wedding book to keep and treasure.

In this computer age of paperless events we do have a percentage that does print and mail. The RSVPs are usually lower than the electronic count.

So save your money on the high cost print of the photobook and use all the social media sites to get your RSVPs done.



Who’s walking you down the isle?

Tradition is the Father if the Bride walks her down the isle to give the Bride away to her husband. But what if you Dad isn’t around anymore or you were raised by both your dad and step dad. They they both walk you down the isle.

We have seen many things happen at Binders Gardens Venue. We have seen Mother and Father of the Bride give her away and walk her down the isle. We have seen the Brother of the Bride walk her down. In older couples getting married we have seen just the Bride walk herself down the isle.

Just remember you don’t have to do the same traditions as our grandparents; this is your event and your dream come true. You can pick anyone or no-one to walk you down the isle.


At Binders Gardens we had our first Hispanic Quinceañera this past January. It was so beautiful.

With 200 guests we had plenty of dance floor for all the planned coordination dancing. It seem that every minute was filled with a planned activity.

Angelina’s Dress was bought at Noley’s Creation in Rosenberg, TX. It was baby blue and her Quinceañera’s Girl Party was dressed in baby Pink.

The four Ter Cake was purchased at A&A custom cakes in Cypress, TX.

Flowers were arranged by Nancy And The Quinceañera’s mother. We at the venue help decor and set up the tables to make it look as you planned.

The Quinceañera Crown worm was purchased by LA Glitter in Houston. It was placed on her head in celebration of her 15 Birthday to adulthood.

The planned music was played by DJ Sonido Flores from Sugarland, TX.

The amazing Photos / video-by Sammy’s Production. With correlation of the photo booth by Colby James.



Picking an exit for your wedding is a tradition to wish couples an abundant, bountiful, happy and great marriage. Now couples have many options to use for your newlywed couples exit from their wedding.  This is one tradition that isn’t going away and many have a fake exit for photos only.  They want all their guests in the photo instead of waiting til the end when their guests are not sober and only a handful left.

It should be something that matches your personality and theme of your wedding.


Years past many ears have lost their hearing from “Rice” being thrown at you during your wedding exit and it’s been around the longest.  Rice symbolizes Fertility from Roman times and is environmentally safe.  Now medicine is advance no one loses their hearing.  Don’t want to hard effect, try oatmeal tossing for an eco-friendly exit.


France throws it to symbolize bounty.  Herbs: If you’ve got a cooking couple on your hands, throwing herbs is a perfect way to tie it in. Not only do they smell deliciously fresh, but they’re also environmentally friendly.


The couple has decorative umbrellas and guest waive white napkins as the guests stomp and cheer to the Saints music.


Italians throw rain candy and sugared nuts over couples for sweetness in marriage.  Rainbow sprinkles are always a good idea.



These bring out the “kid” in everyone.  It also gives

guests something to do at their reception tables between dances.  Guests fold

their own paper airplanes & get ready for the exit.  Use colorful paper to match

your wedding colors.  It’s inexpensive & an easy exit item.


Lavender, Baby’s Breath, & Floral Petals – A romantic option for a pretty exit.

Lavender smells so good, doesn’t hurt when thrown at you, is

friendly to the environment & if you can time it just right with

your photographer, makes for great pictures.  Often, brides put these in small

sachets or paper cups for guests. Do ask your manager where

floral petals can be thrown- some have dyes

BIODEGRADABLE CONFETTI:  Easier to clean up.

STREAMERS (RIBBONS ON DOWELS): Colorful  -these often have swirls of

ribbons & noisemakers attached to them. They’re inexpensive & no clean up.  Guests can take them home with them.You can personalize with your themed colors or add lace, & notes.


These stay in the air for a long time, so the photographs are AWESOME!  They’re inexpensive & available all over the internet for ordering. They’re whimsical & always a crowd favorite.


If you’re planning to wed in autumn months, make use of your natural surroundings. Plus, falling leaves create a great backdrop for photos.  Hole punch leaves of all colors and make this an all Green wedding.


Golf Clubs or Toy Guns looks very military or can match your hobby to your personality.


Cap guns can bring the wild, wild west back in the ceremony or a nerdy way is with Nerf guns.


This can be done in a variety of ways.  Some do a “release” while others have guests

take them home with them.  Use your wedding colors or introduce a new element (school colors,

red / white/ blue for something patriotic, red / gold / green if it’s in December, etc).  Some

fill the balloons with LED lights or glow sticks- beautiful for pictures!


These are a real crowd-pleaser because they’re introduced

to the party during the reception when guests are still

dancing.  They make for great photos for the night shots

and can go home with guests.  No risk of anything dying or staining

your clothes & nothing is being thrown at you!


Best if you have a more affordable reception dress, or traveling clothes that you’re changing into, because you’re pretty sure to have a dry cleaning bill. But holy moly, the pictures.


SPARKLERS: dangerous and flammable and most Venues insurance won’t cover this.


Perfect if you and your partner are driving off to your honeymoon (or your hotel) in your own vehicle. So consider “letting” your friends or family decorate your car before hand, then see you off in all your tinseled/ painted/ ballooned glory. Tip: if one of your friends is a mechanic… don’t let them near the car.


If you have no plans to leave your wedding in grand style, you can do variations of many of these exits as you head back up the aisle, or on the church steps (should you have them). I’m pretty sure that’s what church steps are for.


Styled Bridal Photo Shoots aren’t new and it’s a great way to collaborate and use photos marketing for all vendors.

At Binders Gardens we host not only Photography Workshops we host small Bridal Style Shoots. They are trending now everywhere. Many do them for publication and use for marketing material.

Style Shoots only take a few days to plan and once it’s set, the timing is everything. Once makeup and hair is done and the setup location is complete, the shoot is done in minutes with focusing on exactly what you want to capture. These are collaborated and done with ease.

We are sharing a few from the last month we hosted with the following Vendors.

Southern Spirits Events

A Finer Event

LBL Event Rentals

Yaul Rustic Rentals

Classically Unique Photography

Morgan Linzee Photography