Texas Country Get-a-way Wedding

Future brides’ Good Afternoon! This is my weekly Post – Check our new outdoor venue that will be blooming soon with Roses from our 700 Rose bushes and Blue bonnet patches will be lined in blue and aggie colors this year. We have dates that no one else has; it will take a year to get all our dates booked. This month is the lowest price you will ever see.
 Need a Wedding – Honeymoon all in one?
Picture a Spring time wedding outside with flowers blooming everywhere during an orange sunset of Texas. Come stay for a 4 day and 3 nights County Wedding Get-a-way!
 You can start on Thursday with a rehearsal and dinner in the big house. Arrive Friday morning to get ready for your makeup and hair with your bridesmaids as your vendors get your wedding decorated for a Spring Décor. Then walk out the side door that no one knows about down the long 50 foot arbor to the Gazebo to your future husband. Have the most memorable Spring Ceremony that you have always dreamed of. Then shooting amazing pictures with your family as friends drink and watch you. Then celebrate with music and food in a romantic lite tent reception with white flowing lights everywhere and dancing all night with friends and family. Ending with memories walking through the garden; as your say goodbye to your friends and family; you both don’t need to leave, you can just stay the night in our Bridal Suite with our romantic canopy bed and large windows viewing the country side of Texas. Waking up as #MsBride4Ever and swinging on the Veranda watching the Sunrise to your first day together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is just next door at the café or enjoy a picnic out in the gardens as they are all just for you and your husband. Arrange for a horse ride together in the country side or take a ride in the local town to shop for antiques together. Swing on the hammock outside or just walk the Formal Garden for an enchanting memory. Leave with wonderful new memories of your stay at Binders Gardens on Monday morning. 

If you already booked your venue, contact us to come shoot your bridals this spring. It’s been voted the most favored by photographers all over Texas. We have tour dates available every day of the week. We have discounts for payment plans to meet those budget brides. Come see our Gazebo, Covered Bridge, Veranda, Terrace, Chapel, Formal Rose Garden, large bridal suite and Lake. Thou I’m an outdoor venue, we have options to cover you or move to the large church hall next to us.

Contact us at 281-630-2854 or email us at info@BindersGardens.com; Prices start at $750 if booked the month of February, let us set up a tour today.
Hope to hear from you and/or pass the word. https://bindersgardens.wordpress.com/

Thank you for your time, Marc and Robin Binder



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