Finding the Right Venue for your Dream Wedding  
The average bride spends an average of $12,000 for a Venue. Well the average cost is probably higher since 2012. Know your budget when looking for a venue and if you think that you’re getting a deal, find out what is missing. Finding a venue with your date available is even tougher. That is why you need to plan on putting down a deposit when looking for your venue.

Not all Venues are the same, so do your homework. They don’t all offer the same thing, so when asking a Venue what’s your rates, it’s not fair to pick on over price. If want to know their rate, ask what rate do they start with for a wedding Ceremony and ask what you get? Prices are different for 50 people than the typical 300 people wedding.   

Some Venues has low season and high seasons. You should know that some low season prices are not the same for your month you’re getting married. Know the difference in Texas with outside venues. Sometimes but not always; some venues that only have ball rooms, might only have the same prices all year round. 

Setting up a wedding for 300 is much more expensive due to man power, tables and chairs then a wedding for 50 people. For every person that goes to a venue, and you have a Ceremony and Reception, you have to have two chairs in different location. The cost goes up. So when asking what their prices are for venue; please ask, “What is a Ceremony only for 100 people on July 4th?” Then, you will get a closer cost. But even if someone quotes you a price on that, you need to know what they offer for that price.

More and more brides are doing their wedding their selves. They do this to save money so the venues that only offer location, chairs and tables; they know you want the location for her budget. There are some venues that have low prices and as they popular and bigger, their prices will be going up. 

Things to look for in venue as you make your wish list of venues;
How many people can the venue hold? Is parking free at the venue? Is there handicap accessible at the venue? Will they let my vendors come in or do I have to use the venue preferred Vendors? Does the venue let me come in the day before for the rehearsal? 

 Does the venue count kids under 3? Does the venue let me serve alcohol and if so, do they offer TABC servers that are insured? Does the venue have restrooms? Will there be someone from the venue to help show my vendors where to go? Does the venue offer an Officiant? 

Does the venue let me take photos with my family after the Ceremony? Will there be a cleanup fee at the venue? Will the Venue let me make payments after the deposit? Will the venue let me bring in my own food? If there is bad weather, what plans will the venue let me do? Can I use candles and sparklers at my wedding at the venue? Is their sound and lights available for my Reception at my venue? What time do I need to be out of the venue so I know when to start cleaning up?

So next time think before asking a venue what is the cost there to have a wedding? Pictures can only show you so much. Go out take a visit and get the real cost before deciding on a venue by the value of what they have to offer.

By Robin and Marc Binder Venue



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