Houston Wedding Vendor A Team

Thank you to all that have sent us the welcomes and Congrats on becoming a Wedding Vendor.  We are humbled to have our new location to offer Brides an amazing location to get married.

As a new Wedding Venue, we are looking for vendors established close to West or SW area of Houston that will team up with us and network and create our A Team.


We can only offer a location but as many brides have been contacting us.  Not all of them want to do it yourself.  Aka DYI are not for everyone.  So, we are on the hunt fast and furious on an A Team to join us so, we can package a price for those in need.

Someone told us this week that over 40,000 marriages happened last year in Houston alone.  So it will just grow more ever year.  We hope to help fill that need.

Please if you are a wedding vendor and want to come talk to us at our location.  Come on out!  Call us and tell us when you can come.  We are Binders Gardens at 16630 Hwy 36, Needville, TX 77461.

We are the same drive as Jays Cafe in Needville, across from the high school.  We will soon post our date in April for our open house and we will start with a bang on our marketing plan.  Join our A Team now.

Emails are welcomed at Info@BindersGardens or check out our web site at BindersGardens.com.

Vendor Page is filling up with connection!  Join us now!

The Binders


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