Styled Bridal Photo Shoots aren’t new and it’s a great way to collaborate and use photos marketing for all vendors.

At Binders Gardens we host not only Photography Workshops we host small Bridal Style Shoots. They are trending now everywhere. Many do them for publication and use for marketing material.

Style Shoots only take a few days to plan and once it’s set, the timing is everything. Once makeup and hair is done and the setup location is complete, the shoot is done in minutes with focusing on exactly what you want to capture. These are collaborated and done with ease.

We are sharing a few from the last month we hosted with the following Vendors.

Southern Spirits Events

A Finer Event

LBL Event Rentals

Yaul Rustic Rentals

Classically Unique Photography

Morgan Linzee Photography




Wedding cake is just there to feed your guests right? Wrong! There are lots of weird and wonderful big day traditions surrounding wedding cake – here are eight favorites…

1. Cutting the cake represents the first task a couple will do together

This is why everyone stands around and watches you holding a knife together – even though it only takes two seconds!

2. The traditional tiered shape is inspired by a church

Apparently a man called Thomas Rich started that traditional in 1703. He was a baker’s apprentice and wanted to make an extravagant cake for his bride, so he drew inspiration from St Bride’s Church in London.

3. Wedding cakes were originally made of wheat

Wheat is a traditional a symbol of fertility and the wheat was plucked from the cake and thrown over the bride (erm, we’ll take confetti thanks).

4. Wedding cakes used to be broken over the bride’s head

This was to symbolise breaking the bride’s virginity (lovely) – we can definitely see why this traditional faded out – not only does it have a pretty outdated sentiment, but think of the hair crumbs!

5. White cakes were a status symbol

White sugar used to be an expensive luxury; so having an all-white wedding cake was proof of the couples’ wealth and importance.

6. Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake tradition has been around for a while!

Couples traditionally save it for their first anniversary or their baby’s christening. It became more commonplace once freezers were readily available, but a slice of Queen Victoria’s wedding cake went up for auction this year (we wouldn’t advise eating it though)!

7. Your groom should have his own cake

Groom’s cakes originated in Victorian times and were served as a second option to the main cake and often featured heavier flavours, such as alcohol or chocolate, as these were thought to be more suited to the “stronger sex” – errr a chocolate cake just for him? Whatever.

8. A slice of wedding cake can predict the future

It is said that if a wedding guests sleeps with their slice of wedding cake under their pillow they will dream of their future partner (it’ll be a nightmare to clean the sheets mind).


Binders Gardens has so many photography opportunities for Brides they have to make sure they set shooting time at least an hour to walk around and get all the favorite spots; has now added new additions.

Last year at this time we finished the Open Barn Roof, since then we added a frontage wall to block parking lot view.  Then we put up the wall to block the Grooms Studio.  

Instead of adding the Barn Doors, we replaced the French drains around the open Barn and added a Dry Rock River Bed that travels like a snake all the way past the Lake Side Wedding Location to the Lake.

We will put in a small Rustic Bridge to go over the Dry Rock RiverBed to get to other locations behind the Grooms Studio.

Also we will add one more Garden to our collections.

We did wait til we had a few weekend that didn’t have Wedding to do this construction and of course wanted to make sure it was 90 degrees everyday.  LoL 

Ya’ll come see us now.


Submit a Wedding Thank you so much for considering Southern Weddings as the place to share your work or your wedding! We are grateful!
When choosing weddings for our site, we look for gorgeous (natural, light-filled, minimally processed) photography, meaningful SOUTHERN details, and a sincere love story.
To be considered for an online real wedding feature, the wedding must have taken place in the Southeastern United States OR have a Southern component or appeal to Southern brides in some way. To be considered for a print real wedding feature, the wedding must have taken place in the Southeastern United States.
Photographers: Please email 20-25 good web-quality .jpg attachments (do not embed in email or send slideshows; do NOT send individual images over 1 MB each) to Emily (emily at southernweddings dot com) along with the following information: couple’s name, wedding date, wedding location, and main vendors. We are also happy to review PASS/Pixieset galleries of 20-25 photos or links to Dropbox folders with 20-25 photos. Please do NOT send Dropbox links to download or invite us to join your Dropbox folder.
Brides: We are TRULY honored that you would think of us as a home for your wedding. While we wish we could publish every devoted reader’s celebration, we get 75-100 submissions a week and publish just 4-5 a week, and so don’t have room for every submission. Please don’t think your celebration is any less special if we don’t have a spot for it! If you would like to submit, please ask your photographer to do the above. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Due to the high volume of submissions, we unfortunately cannot respond to all inquiries. If the wedding is chosen, we will email you to request an interview from the couple and additional details. If you have not heard back from us within three weeks, we welcome you to submit your work to another publication.
All submissions are considered simultaneously for both the blog and for print unless you specify otherwise. Please note we do have a strict exclusivity policy and cannot share work that has been featured on another blog or in another publication. If you think your submission is perfect for print, we recommend you do not even share it on your own blog before sending it to us. Submissions for V9 are closed. We are currently accepting submissions for V10, which will debut in fall 2017.
We do also consider styled shoots for blog and print features, though we publish them far less frequently than real weddings. We also publish engagement series on our Facebook page in a series called “Facebook Friday.” Please submit these types of features using the same guidelines as above. We generally do not publish “trash the dress” sessions or bridal sessions.
For styled shoot submissions, keep in mind that our most important criteria is that the shoot have an authentic Southern heartbeat and that it tell a story.
We are also happy to review submissions through Two Bright Lights. Please note that TBL submissions can take us up to a month to review.
Thank you so much for thinking of Southern Weddings as a showcase for your work! We look forward to collaborating with you!


We currently publish real weddings and celebrations two to three times a week on, and usually include five to 11 in each issue of the magazine, and are constantly looking for great events to feature. Please note that we require exclusivity and therefore ask that you do not submit a wedding that has already been published in other magazines or blogs, including the blog of the photographer or other vendors involved. We also do not accept styled shoots at this time. To submit your wedding, rehearsal dinner, welcome party, bridal shower, vow renewal, or other wedding-related event for consideration, send the following information about your wedding to

Your name

Phone number

Wedding location(s), including city and state

Event date

Your wedding photographer’s name, website, and email address

A brief paragraph about what makes your wedding special, highlighting the details and ideas you think were most important

5-7 images that you think represent your wedding best. Ideally these are sent as a link using a file sharing program like Dropbox, or as an attachment. Please do not embed your photos in the body of the email or send large attachments.

If you have a website with all of your professional photos, please include access to that (be sure to include any necessary passwords). Please do not send Facebook links.


If your wedding has not taken place yet but you would like us to consider it, please send us the first six items listed above, as well the key vendors you are working with and any visuals or additional information that will help us get a better idea of what you have in mind for your big day.

We will contact you if we are interested in getting more information from you. 


We are also looking for couples who are planning amazing postwedding getaways to be featured in our column, “Honeymoon Diaries,” that runs in the travel section of every issue. The page features photos and details from a real couple’s recent vacation. 

To be considered, send 10 of your best shots (or pass along the link to your online photo gallery), and a few sentences explaining when you traveled, where you went, and why you loved it, to

Submit to Trendy Bridal Magazine 

SUBMITTrendy Bride Magazine and Blog is always on the lookout for real weddings, styled shoots and more that offer a captivating glance at a unique aspect of wedding day trends. For consideration, please submit your wedding information, photos or creative styled shoots to Michelle Butler (


We appreciate your interest in sharing your photos with Trendy Bride! There is alot of information on this page to help with the submission process. (We currently only accept exclusive submissions for print features.)

Trendy Bride Magazine Submission Guidelines:

We accept styled shoots,engagements,anniversaries & real weddings for our magazine.


All submission must be high resolution. Images must be at least 300 dpi.

( Please do not submit low resolution images.)

How do I submit to Trendy Bride Magazine?

Please email your real wedding or styled shoot to michelle {at} Please email the submissions via Dropbox, Pixieset or Pass. ( We love dropbox submissions!)

Please include the download password or pin for Pass/Pixieset submissions. We also accept submissions via Two Bright Lights.

How many photos should I send?

For real weddings please submit 50-120 photos including details, portraits, ceremony and reception. We love detail shots! ( such as: decor,flowers,cake,etc)

For styled shoots please submit 50-100 photos.

Response Time

Please allow 3-6 weeks for us to respond to your magazine submission.

Questions? Email – michelle {at} trendybride dot net

Thank you in advance for your submission!

Blog Submission Guidelines:

What Trendy Bride loves:
Lots of pretty details!

Couples in love

Unique Venues and Locations

Types of Submissions we choose:

Real Weddings

Engagement and Love Shoots

Styled and Inspiration Shoots


How many photos should I send?

For real weddings please submit 40-100 photos including details, portraits, ceremony and reception. We love detail shots! ( such as: decor,flowers,cake,etc)

For styled or inspiration shoots please submit 40-100 photos.

For engagement + love sessions, please send 25-60 photos.

How do I submit to Trendy Bride Blog?

Please email your real wedding,engagement session, or inspiration shoot to michelle {at} Please email the submissions via Dropbox or Two Bright Lights.


We prefer low resolution submissions. Images must be at least 800 pixels wide. (Both vertical & horizontal images should be this width) Feel free to submit high resolution images if this is easier.

Response Time

Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to respond to your blog submission.

What information should be included?

Please send us the vendors,diy projects,inspiration from the day etc. The more details the better. (*You need permission from the photographer to submit any wedding to Trendy Bride.*)


I find more DIY (do it yourself) Brides than Brides that hire Wedding Planners are making their wedding website to send to family and friends and help them to keep up with so many details of their wedding day. These online wedding websites are offered free on some sites and those that know what they are doing buy the simple wedding templates and make them work them.

I did a little research to see what sites have them free with a small domain fee per year. Besides the big Wedding sites that are too complicated, you can find a few with free templates like Word Press, Wedding Web Site for You, Ipage, Wigli, Wix Wedding and Gator; search Best Wedding Web Sites on EZVID ADVISOR dot com. They are so cool with themes and add your color schemes and make your web domain name to send your family and friends.

They are designed to tell your story of how you met and add music, #wedding name, registry, photos, and videos. They are stated with a Count Down clock to the Big Day. They show the Weather, the location of Venue, the Vendors you are using, the link to RSVP and they also have the link to your Honeymoon account to help you get your amazing Honeymoon.

These online wedding sites are setup to show where you put your “save the date” photos, update dates on your “bridal showers” and location for hotels, venue, and eateries; along with plans to help out of town guests keep together with taxi and limo services.

If you really want simple, many are making private secret Facebook groups for your wedding to add your family and friends to watch as you add all these things for your amazing Wedding Day.

These tips are brought to you by the team at Binders Gardens Venue in the Houston Texas area.

Interview Blog of DarKer Side DJ’s

Here is an amazing Wedding Professionals DJ that works in the Houston Area …

DarKer Side DJ’s was founded in 2000 by David & Kathy Raciti (Dar & Ker). YEESSS!….. We always get asked the big question… “Why did we choose DarKer Side DJ’s as our company name?” Well, we were shooting for something a little more creative than the usual “DJDAVE” or “NewWave DJ” and Dar & Ker are our initials. That is why the “D” and the “K” are both capitalized inside our company name.

We also wanted to tie our name into the world of music. We both had plenty of old memories of playing those old “45” records when we were kids. With a little research we found that second side or backside always consisted of a song which was rarely played or seen and was referred to in the music industry as the “DARKER SIDE”! The name made sense to us and we went with it!!!

With customer service as a first priority, and incorporating 40 years of musical experience into the mix, we have grown leaps and bounds over our 17 years in business to become one of the leading DJ/KJ shows in Southeast Texas boasting a song list of over 45 million music tracks & more than 150,000 different karaoke titles As technology continues to change our industry, we have furthered our services with all new Photo Booths, BOSE speaker systems, over 35,000 HD music videos, big screen projectors, LED up-lighting and DJ style light shows, as well as customized Monograms to help us create a professional performance which is personalized and suited for each of our customers needs and requirements.

“Quality Entertainment for Any Occasion” is the motto we live by. We will set up indoors & outdoors for any occasion, including clubs, private parties, birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, barn dances, beach parties, benefits and more…!!!

All questions, requests or inquiries concerning booking or company information can be directed to:

or by

Calling Dave or Kathy @ (281) 542-DJKJ

or by mail at:

DarKer Side DJ’s & Karaoke

                 Attn: Dave                

         506 S. Brooks St. 

Brazoria TX 77422 



Well to us Pros; we are Wedding Professionals and we find that our customers the public brides call us Wedding Vendors. Some don’t care but some that have been around a while do. Today the discussion is about us Wedding Pros.

Most of us Wedding Pros are each other’s Biggest Fans and not competitors. This is how we all should be. We are all so different we have too many different things to offer in this event business.

Every month many of us Wedding Pros meet during the week at monthly schedule breakfasts or luncheons at different Restaurants and Venues. This is the way we network like a family of Wedding Pros should. We meet new contacts monthly and help each other by word of mouth.

Net”Working” is work and those in most of our areas meet and WORK together great. We have Conferences that most attend and have State Meetings for different areas of our talents. Our Main goal is to give our Clients the Blissful Event that we all want.

The have Pages and Groups on Facebook where you can find them. They are all structured a little differently but the goal is the same. 
In the Houston Area, you can find them by searching the following….
· West Houston Wedding Professionals

· Central Houston Wedding Professionals

· Bay Area Wedding Professional

· Fort Bend Event Professionals
We at Binders Gardens Venue are hosting the following Groups.
March 14 for the Fort Bend Event Professionals at 9am, for more information we can direct your invite to the correct person at – cost is $20.
April 4 for the West Houston Wedding Professionals at 11am, for more information we can direct your invite to the correct person at – cost is $15.

Binders Gardens

16630 Hwy 36

Needville, TX 77461

(Outside of Katy, Rosenburg, Sugarland Area)